So you’ve seen us shouting about our new product launching on 29th Nov 2019, but why are we so excited about it? How does a water soluble tincture help you as a consumer?

When CBD is extracted from the cannabis oe hemp plant, it takes an oil-based form. Like any oil, it is hydrophobic, meaning it will not dissolve in water. You remember doing the science experiments trying to mix oil into water right? That is what CBD is doing inside our bodies.

Because CBD is oil based, it resists absorption into the bloodsteam, with only around 4% being absorbed! So a HUGE 96% of it is being flushed from the body without it ever having any effect. Imagine the results we could have if we could absorb more than 4%…

But how does water soluble differ from a normal CBD oil?
  • Greater bioavailability
  • Faster onset time
  • Indefinite shelf stability
  • Use in food
  • Use in drinks
  • Versatile product

The low levels of bioavailability & delayed onset have pushed the cannabis industry to find a solution.

While serious, these issues do not plague all forms of ingesting CBD. For example, the natural oil form works perfectly well for vaping. This is because the CBD and other cannabis molecules are carried by tiny vapor particles when atomized. These particles are easily absorbed by the lungs when inhaled.

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