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Become A Wellness Warrior

“The broken are more evolved” – Split

Save Money

We'll provide all of our #WellnessWarriors recieve 10% off the entire range of products.*

Free Consulations

Having trouble finding the right product for you? As a wellness warrior you'll be entitles to a free consultation with one of our affiliates.

Support Where It's Needed

A community of supportive chronic illness survivers (spoonies) to keep each other going on those high pain days.

Feel Amazing

Recieve a quaterly newsletter to keep you up to date on all things health related iwithin the CBD industry.

What is a #Wellness Warrior?

We’ve created the Wellness Warrior initiative as a way of helping those who struggle with chronic health problems, all to often we here that companys in the CBD industry are just “making money from the sick” that prices are inflated and that we don’t actually care about helping people. Here at Hannabis that is simple NOT TRUE. Believe it or not, we the directors of the company both struggle with chronic health problems ourselves and understand the struggles of people who suffer from constant chronic pain or mental health stuggles.

“I want to help because il never forget the day I balled my eyes out walking home from the doctors because I couldn’t afford the pain meds I needed to even get out of bed in the morning.” – Nicole

Wellness Warriors is our chance to give back, we’ve been in that dar place, we’ce been suck in bed, we’ve had our lives haulted by chronic health problems and now we want to give back something a little extra to those who still struggle and remind them that there is still a chance for a better life. CBD doesn’t help everyone, we cant and won’t promise that it’s going to help you but if it does, if it give you just a little releife then we have a reason to keep doing what we’re doing. 

Become A

Wellness Warrior

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Why did we create #WellnessWarriors? 

We wanted to bring together all people that live with chronic illnesses & create a community between everyone. No matter what your condition is, you will be welcomed with open arms.


Why do we ask for permission to store your information? 

We ask to store your information to help future #WellnessWarriors, it helps us to connect people together that may be going through similar things in life & helps us keep track if you use any of our products, so we can then recommend them to others for similar conditions. 


Will being a #WellnessWarrior cost me anything?

No, there is no charge for being a #WellnessWarrior, it is a free community with added benefits, such as a monthly newsletter, tips from natur, product discounts & a sense of community. 


What if I purchase my products through an affiliate?

This campaign it not mandatory for the affiliates to follow & would have to be discussed with your personal rep.


*Please be aware that if you a registered willness warrior purchasing products through an affiliate (and not directly through the website) the 10% discount will be awarded at their discrection.