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This month we are excited to kick off our Black Friday Weekend Sale (29th Nov- 2nd Dec) with a revolutionary new product. Hannabis is excited to be adding some Water Soluble CBD Drops boasting a 5x’s higher aborbstion rate than anything we’ve released yet. This super versatile product makes it super easy to add CBD to your diet with a much quicker absorbtion into the body. No more holding oil under your toungue, instead we reccommend you add this to your favourite drink!

A quick breakdown our Water Soluble CBD Drops offer:

  • Greater bioavailability thank CBD Oil based products
  • Faster onset time than anything else we stock
  • Indefinite shelf stability
  • More accurate dosage tracking
  • Use in food & drinks without loosing potancy
  • A very versatile product

Why is Water Soluble CBD So different from anything else we’ve released?

Our new Water Soluble CBD Drops offer a much faster absorbtion into the body, since our bodies are made up of 60% water it makes sense that a water based product is going to be much more easily absorbed than any oil products we currently stock. CBD oil, like any other oil, is hydrophobic, meaning it will not dissolve in water. While it possible for our bodies to abosrb the oil, it takes much longer to occure meaning that only around 4% being absorbed and a HUGE 96% of it is being flushed from the body without it ever having any effect. It is these low levels of bioavailability & delayed onset that have pushed the cannabis industry to find a solution.

How Should I Take My Water Soluble Oil?

One of the best features about this product, is it’s versatility. A couple of drops (It’s important ro remember to find a dose that works for you, we suggest you start low and work your way up) in your morning tea or coffee or smoothy and your set with absolute 0 wastage. Add a couple of drops to your favourtie salad dressing or really any meal you can think of liquid or solid, this product really can be used with or on just about anything.


Why bother with CBD Oil at all?

While serious, the CBD oil is not without it’s benefits. For example, the natural oil form works perfectly well for vaping. This is because the CBD and other cannabis molecules are carried by tiny vapor particles when atomized. These particles are easily absorbed by the lungs when inhaled. The oil is also much more easily manipluted to allow for varying flavours but overall we expect to see CBD Oil products for direct ingestion to become almost obselete over time, as water soluable becomes more researched, we hope to see a wide range of flavours available and see how it might be used to bring a wider range of products to the CBD industry.

This product really gives us a lot to be excited about, but above anything else we’re excited to see how this product is going to aid families in the future, based on our own personal expierence of it. (Check out What I Think Of The Water Soluable Tincture As A Mother)

Who is Hannabis?

Found in 2019, Hannabis began as one woman’s passion to educate people on the benefits of CBD and the versatility of the cannabis plant, whilst still being at home to enjoy and provide for her family. Realising the potential empower others to become a part of the CBD Industry Hannabis brought in a new director and together they grew the business into a free affiliate programme that sells a wide range of CBD products, an original clothing range designed by the directors, self-development courses, spiritual items and contiues to launch handmade CBD products – including the UKs first CBD shampoo bar encouraging customers to reduce their plastic waste, becoming consciously aware of their consumer impact. Hannah and Nicole the co-directors of Hannabis continue to grow by adding new products and raise awareness of positive impact Cannabis and it’s counterparts can have. 

Hannabis – CBD Movement Ltd™

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