Tik-Tok, time is a funny thing, we all have it, we all have the same amount of it in a day, but we all choose to use it in different ways, some less productive than others.

We all have 24 hours, 1,440 minutes or 86,4000 seconds, how ever you want to look at it, it is all the same amount, but it is how we choose to use it as an individual that really counts!

To me, time is just an illusion, I’ll explain why…

Have you ever noticed that if you give yourself a set amount of time to do something, so say you’ve given yourself an hour to get your house blitzed, you’ll do it in an hour, no questions asked. But if you were to give yourself say, 2 weeks to do the same task, it would take you 2 weeks to get that task done, with you probably asking yourself a lot of questions because it is festering in your head for so long.

Don’t put yourself down & give yourself long periods of time to ‘get shit done’, when actually you could have it done in no time if you just gave it your full focus, by giving yourself extra time you’re telling your subconscious mind that you’re not capable, when everyone is capable of anything with the right focus & determination!

By giving yourself shorter time frames to ‘get shit done’, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment when you’ve finished & you’re sending your subconscious mind a message that you can kick butt!

Getting tasks done in a shorter amount of time is also going to free up some extra time to ‘get MORE shit done!’, this will give you even more of a sense of accomplishment, which again is going to make you feel great that you can be so productive.  

It is important to be realistic about the time frames you are setting yourself, if you’re unrealistic about them & you can’t finish anything in the time you have set yourself, this is going to have the opposite effect & make you feel unaccomplished & useless, rather than making you feel like you are kicking some butt!

Life is too short to dwell on what we do not have yet, get out there, kick some butt, be a badass & make shit happen!

Only you can choose how you spend your time, spend it wisely & the universe will have your back!!! 

Stay organised & on top of your time. 

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