1. Shift your mindset

Don’t waste your Sunday having a ‘lazy day’ binge watching your favourite programme. 

Use Sunday as the start of your week. 


Take the pressure off of Monday, get a head start on the week & get yourself prepped for what lies ahead.

2. Meal prep/plan

Save yourself time on everyday of the next week by either prepping your meals for the week ahead or at least planning your meals so you’re not spending time each day looking through your cupboards or fridge-freezer wondering what you can whip together. 

You’ll also save money & be less wasteful by doing this! 


3. Plan your week ahead. 

Plan EVERYTHING! Get out your favourite planner & get your todo lists in order. We have some free downloadable planners available from our shop.
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Try to plan your week as much as you can using hour slots & write specifically what you are planning to do, so if you’re planning to schedule some posts on Facebook, what type of posts are you going to schedule etc…?

The more you can plan, the more smoothly your week will run as you will know exactly what you’re doing & when.


4. Prioritise 

Sometimes your todo list can feel endless, so it is VERY important to prioritise, this way you can tick off your most important tasks before moving onto the less important ones. 

Stick to just one list, don’t over complicate it.


5. Inboxes

 Get on top of all of those inboxes & start your week completely fresh.

6. Set goals

Reflect on how the last week went, then think about how you would like to change the week ahead. 

Then set yourself out some goals to get those results that you want. 

Also think about your bigger goals too & think about the steps you can take to start working towards them, our large goals should always be broken down into smaller goals so they seem more achievable to us as we work up to the big goal by smashing all of the smaller ones.



7. Practice self-care

Always make time for self-care on Sunday, have a warm bath, meditate, have a pamper session, do some reading, take a long walk, go out with a loved one. 

Whatever self-care is for you, DO IT!


8. Clean your space

Whether your space is an entire house, a room or just a desk, make sure it is clean & tidy, you will feel so much better starting a the week with a clean space. 

It will make you happier & more productive if your space is clutter free. 

A clean space = A clean mind


9. Relax

Make sure you also take some time to do nothing as well, remember it is still a day of rest so make sure you schedule yourself in some down time too!

Thank-you for reading 🙂




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