Identifying as a witch is the most powerful thing I have ever done for myself.

Identifying as a witch is the most powerful thing I have ever done for myself, let me tell you why…

My spiritual belief started at an absolute big fat zero. My family identify themselves as atheists, meaning that they have no religious or spiritual beliefs.

Although, I don’t think it has always been zero because I do remember a time my mum asking me whether I believe in ‘God’. I’m sure I had been learning about Christianity at primary school & was probably telling her all about it. But I distinctly remember responding; ‘I don’t believe there is a God as there is in Christianity, but I do believe that there is something.’. I was probably only around 6 years old at this time, my mum didn’t diminish what I said, just kind of brushed over it, like; ‘Ok, cool’, as you do sometimes with your kids when you’re just trying to be interested in what they are trying to talk your ear off about.

Trust me, I was one of those kids too. Still, now I can talk at you at about a million miles an hour or ask a trillion questions in one go. My brain has always worked at a fast pace & sometimes my mouth cannot keep up. 

My childhood was pretty standard, although I was always the ‘black sheep’, the ‘odd one’, the ‘different kid’. None of my family really understood the way my brain works or the things that I have an interest in. Metaphysics doesn’t exist, they are only open to the physical realm. They have not yet had the experience of opening their minds & awakening their souls.

I have always loved to learn about the universe. As a child, I only understood the universe on a physical level so I would dive deep into learning everything I possibly could about space. Visiting the library & checking out whatever books I could find in my local town tiny book stock. I remember asking for a telescope time & time again. But always getting to use my godfathers instead. I think my godfather (yes, I am christened because that was the done thing back in 1994) had a lot to do with moulding me into the person I am today.

As I went through my teenage years, I went through a lot of mental & physical trauma. From relationships turning sour, being a general shitty teenager etc… I wasn’t the best person to be around from around the age of 11 to 22. On a path of destruction, complete & utter chaos. I had lost any connection that I had with the universe or the higher powers & completely wiped them out of my life. Abusive relationships, drug abuse, drinking way too much, being homeless & being mixed up with some really nasty people.

At the age of 19, I did meet my partner & the father of my children; this is when life did start to smooth out & settle down for me. But I still didn’t have any of that connection. I was just going through the daily grind. I worked in a residential care home as the head chef, I worked long hours & weekends. At the time my partner was also working as an apprentice so his wage wasn’t great. It was my job that had to pay the bills whilst he studied & worked his way through his qualifications.

At the age of 21, I fell pregnant with our first child. On my 22nd birthday, just over a month before Dexter was born, I made the decision that I didn’t want to go back to work & wanted to be able to stay at home with my son, not pay for someone else to look after him which would probably swallow all of my wages anyway. I decided to reach out to a girl that had contacted me before about starting my own business.

Taking the leap & opened my wholesale account with this incredible skincare & make-up company. I started to learn the ropes & try to take the first steps to have a successful business. I had no fucking idea what I was doing. So, I reached out to my friend that was in network marketing & asked her for some friendly advice. I remember her message so clearly. “Hannah, you should look into LOA”, I’m reading the message over & over again, what the fuck is “LOA”? I even googled it, but nothing came up then, this is back before it started trending mind. Maybe I would have had more luck if it was today. I couldn’t find the answer, so I asked. Then she spelt it out for me “Law of Attraction”.

This is where it all began for me. When my connection started to wield itself back to the cosmic realm. Of course, it didn’t just happen overnight. I also didn’t start working on LOA or mindset consistently for a long time. I’m not great at routine & structure, so it took me a really long time to find things that fit into my life & work for more. Because there is nothing worse than making LOA or mindset work a chore. You will not be in your full state of flow or giving out the correct energies.

I truly believe that having Dexter opened up that opportunity for the connection again by having the innocents & purity of a child so close to my soul. I spent the next year working on my business, practising LOA, working on my mindset & turning it from a set mindset to a growth mindset. As well as learning everything I possibly could about running a business.

Just 12 months & 3 weeks after Dexter was born, we had our daughter, Skylah. Dexter really did open up that world for me again, but having Skylah, really finalised that connection. She forced me to learn more about the metaphysics of the world, how the moon affects your body, etc… because she is so connected to the higher powers. She pushed me into that world so deep that there is no possible way I could climb back out again.

After Skylah was born, I actually made the decision to walk away from the world of business. I wanted to focus on my spiritual journey & be able to share that with people. Giving them an insight into the world of metaphysics, witchcraft & manifestation.

Today, I fully identify as a witch & people know me as a witch. But I would not have always had the confidence to do this! I was brought up to think that people that identify as witches should be locked up in a straight jacket somewhere because magic isn’t real. When in reality, they just didn’t understand it on the same level as the witches. I have also come to learn that you don’t have to have a big warty nose or green skin to be a witch. Witches come in many forms. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to identify myself as a witch at the start of my spiritual journey & it has probably only been the last year that I would say it to friends & in the last 6 months I would say it to a stranger.

But that’s okay, a lot of people choose to never let anyone know that they are witches & keep everything to themselves. You have to do whatever you are comfortable with, but don’t get too comfortable. It is always good to push ourselves that little bit further because that’s how we grow.

Identifying as a witch has been absolutely life-changing for me on so many levels. I am now back to building my very own business. My confidence has grown an incredible amount & because of all the positive changes my friends & family have seen within me, they too have become extremely accepting of my witchy ways. My partner & father of my children has also started identifying as a witch, which is honestly something I never expected to happen.

I have also incorporated a lot of my witchy self into my business, showcasing the skills & knowledge in ways for people to join me & start identifying as a witch themselves if they wish to do so. Providing a safe space for everyone to be free with no judgement.

Remember, witchcraft is all around us in our everyday life, we give back to the earth by planting trees with Ecologi. Identifying as a witch can come out in many different ways. It mostly depends on perspective.

Read about Witch Basics here & Witchcraft VS Religion here.

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Witchcraft VS Religion

Before we get started, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that the stigma created around witchcraft is vastly outdated. Coming from as far back as the witch trials almost 500 years ago. Unfortunely people like to look for someone else to blame for their problems. Usually blaming the local ‘witch’ or the neighbour they dislike for putting a ‘spell’ or ‘curse’ on them.

I’m not saying spells & curses aren’t real. But what is not real, is the way witchcraft is perceived to be. What people think witchcraft is, is not what it really is.

Let’s just take a look at ‘flying on a broomstick’ for example. Now we instantly think of a witch using her magical powers to fly around the sky. But in reality, ‘flying on a broomstick’ was just the average housewife masturbating with the handle end. Although, that broomstick was smothered in mind altering herbs such as; cannabis, mugswort and nightshade mixed with butter or lard to increase the absorption of the herbs into the bloodstream. Hence the flying part as they flew off into an orgasmic bliss.

The Beer Brewers

Another theory behind ‘witches’ is that these women were actually beer brewers. They were single ladies that did not wish to be wed to a man or have children. With a big cauldron which they would use for brewing and a cat to chase a way any mice or rats that might taite their product. They even worn pointy hats so that they could easily be seen at the market place.

The theory is that men wanted to take back the beer for themselves. Putting these women in their ‘rightful’ place, at home baring children and playing housewife. Isn’t it interesting how things get misconstrued over time. Our history books are like one huge game of chinese wispers.

Male Witches

Although witches are often protrayed as women, they were not all women throughout history. Today you may hear someone refer to a male witch just as a witch or even Warlock.

Lucid tales were told and people whispered about coven’s of men and women meeting at midnight to have sexual intercourse with the Devil and wild flights. It has since been suspected that there was an onimnet used by this group that contained mercury, which could induce a sensation of flying upon someone.

Where Does Religion Come In?

When we talk about religion we are covering so many different beliefs, feeling and perceptions. As many as there are people on this planet in fact. In a way, everyone has their own religion, even if they subscribe to a religion that many others do.

This is because everyone has their own interpretation and belief system that they subscribe too. If you were to ask followers of any religion what their beliefs are, or what parts of the religion they agree or disagree with; they may each say something a little different. Subsconsciously and even sometimes consciously, many people will adopt particular things they like within their religion and ignore the thing they do not like.

When we look at the fundemental parts of every regilion, or belief in spirituality in any way. They always consist of the same things, such as; be thankful for what you have, treat people with kindness and love, be kind the earth and your surroundings.

Witchcraft is becoming increasingly popular as a ‘new’ religion, but actually it’s as old as time. You could actually look at witchcraft as a combination of many religions, old and new alike.

In particulary those that have;

  1. Eastern philosophies.
  2. Magical practices like alchemy.
  3. Nature worship.
  4. Belief that thought and emotion effect matter.

13 Everyday Activites That Are Witchcraft

  1. Blowing Out Candles To Make A Wish On Your Birthday Cake.
    Each time you close your eyes and visualise your wish before blowing out your candle on your birthday cake, you are practicing witchcraft. This is a basic candle spell that has been practiced for centuries by cultures all over the world. Now you know this, you could add a little jazz to your birthday wish and pick a coloured candled related to your wish or even annote the candle before your birthday sing song. Whenever you have a birthday chances are someone made you a cake or dessert with candles in it!
  2. Stargazing/Night Scrying.
    Do you ever look up at the stars at night? This is called Night Scrying. Without even knowing, you’re looking for hidden messages, meanings and even visions from the stars. The darkness of the sky helped our minds to fall into a trance like state so we can be more receptive to the energies around us. You can use night scrying for anything you seek guidance with. Some people use it to communicate with deities, guardians, guides, spirits and your highest self ancestors.
  3. Cooking Meals With The Intention Of Filling Those Who Eat It With Love, Warmth, Healing, and Positivity.
    In witchcraft, intention is our most important thing and if you love cooking for people to fill them with happiness and joy, the chances are your food is graced with a garnish of magical energy. By creating something to nourish another with intention is sharing positive magical art.
  4. Wishing On A Shooting Star.
    Have you ever seen a shooting star and made a wish? Visible meteor showers have the power to enhance our magic by putting our intentions out for the universe to hear you. Don’t you just love that enchanted feeling it leaves you with too!
  5. Lighting Candles In Honor Of Loved Ones.
    We are often called to light a candle to honor the memory of our loced ones. This is another for of candle magic which is crossing over into necromancy by communicating with the spirit realm to let them know they are loved and missed. Many religions and cultures from all over the world use this type of ritual at memorial services.
  6. Cloud Watching/Sky Scrying.
    Throughout the day, you may find yourself staring at the clouds looking at the different shapes and pictures they make. This is actually a way of practicing divination known as ‘Sky Scrying’ or ‘Ceromancy’. It is very similar to Night Scrying, but instead of stars you gaze upone the clouds for the hidden messages and meaning.
  7. Burning Incense With The Intention Of Cleansing Your Space.
    Burning any kind of incense with any kind of intention is a way of practicing witchcraft and banishing negative energies. Even if you’re burning inscene to cover up a nasty smell, you are burning it with intention and removing the negative energy from your space, without realising it you’re also freeing yourself of other negative energies. Incense represent all four elements and are a powerful tool for witchcraft. Their resin comes from the earth. The plants that are used to produce the resin on the incense would of needed water to grow. We call upon fire to be able to use our incense and the smoke is a representation of air. You can add to the effect by reciting a chant or performing a spell in correspondence of your intentions.
  8. Wishing On Coins In A Fountain.
    Often when you see a water fountain you’ll also see a layer of coins across the bottom where people have cast a coin into the water and made a wish. This is actually a well known basic wish spell. If you would like to add some extra magic next time you go to make a wish you would try saying a wishing rhyme at the same time.
  9. Celebrating The Changing Of The Seasons And Lunar Phases.
    Many different people from all different cultures and backgrounds admire the seasons changing around them and even the phases of the moon. Admiring these cycles and celebrating them in anyway is a magical art. This s because nature is the source of all magic and it is constantly cycling magic throughout. The cycle of the moon and other astronomical events contain so much natural magical powers and many witches harness these powers for their own magical practice.
  10. Working With The Energy Of Crystals.
    Many witches, although not all, work with crystals in their magical practices. The stones a ‘normal’ person may wear as a piece of jewellery is seen in a completely different way by someone that believes in magic. Because they come directly from the earth and they are such an incredible thing to be formed, the contain an abundance of magical properties.
  11. Creating Natural Herbal Remedies.
    If you use any kind of herbal remedies, tinctures, teas or salves, they are all created from the nature, mostly using the elements Earth anf Water, which are two of the most helaing elements. If you work to make herbal remedies, tinctures, tea, or salves you probably love the elements of Earth and Water. In ancient times you would of been known as a Witch Doctor.
  12. Daydreaming/Visualizing Your Future.
    If you find yourself gazing off into space, day dreaming or visualising your future, then you are calling upon the magical powers of manifestation. Daydreaming can also present us with hidden meanings, messages & insights.
  13. Going Out Into Nature To Ground, Center & Relax.
    By going out into nature with the intention of grounding, relaxing, healing and centering yourself is an act of recharging your energy or magic within you. Witches have the ultimate respect for nature and the power it holds, treating it with care and always giving more than we take.

Coming To A Conclusion

When we look at all of this information. We understand that witchcraft is not what it is protrayed to be. It is actually just a sense of being in tune with yourself and your surroundings. Being able to call upon your intuition and respecting the powerful magic that is held within nature. Everyone has magic within them. Everyone is a ‘witch’. But if you know about your magic, that makes you more powerful than some would like, so they’d rather keep you in the dark.

Living life in this way is how humanity was meant to exist. We were meant to live by the cycle of the moon. Take a look at the tides on the shore, they are affected by the moon. The sap within trees is sucked up during a full moon. Some farmers choose to harvest their crops under a full moon because of the energies of the moon affecting the quality of the crops. One example of this are the ‘Sister’s of the Valley’; they harvest their hemp during a full moon and if they have products that are produced from hemp that has not been harvested under a full moon; they are sold at a reduced rate.

Why Target Witches?

So why is there so much hate targeted towards witchcrafts? Especially within religious cultures? When actually, if you compare everything side by side like this, the fundementals are the same. A lot of the regilious practices and traditions include magical practices and it makes you wonder where they got these practices from and why do they use them in the particular way they do? People that are celebrated within religion are more relatable to the healers of the world and the people practicing witchcraft also, because they often intuitive and able to heal with the powers of mother nature.

But for me, witchcraft lets you walk your path freely and create a lifestyle that suits you. As long as you give more than you take and you remember that everything will always come back to your in threefold, so be careful with what you put out into the world.