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Water Soluble CBD – How does it work?

The Importance of Water Soluble CBD When extracted from cannabis, CBD take an oil based form. It is hydrophobic like all oils, meaning it will not dissolve in water. CBD
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CBD vs THC The CBD vs THC is a hot topic in the industry & yes believe it or not there is teams on both sides. But then there is
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Terpenes compounds found in the cannabis plant. The levels of the different compounds depends on the genetics of the plant itself. There are over 7,000 strains of cannabis which are
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Hannabis – CBD Movement LTD are super excited to introduce a brand new parntership with CannaBeauty. Find out more about CannaBeauty, their brand new cannabis eyeshadow palette & what else
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What To Look For In A Product

Learn about what to look for in a product with our top tips & advice for navigating the CBD industry to your best ability. Choosing A CBD Product When it
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Learn the ABC’s of CBD with this wonderful blog post published by our Regional Manager of Bedfordshire, Sally Downing. You are guarenteed to have a fountain of knowledge after reading
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