The most important thing you can do for yourself, is learn to love yourself, this isn’t the easiest thing to do, it is much easier to find all the things we hate about ourselves and dwell on them but this is actually the worst thing you could do.
You’re creating a mindset of which you hate yourself, you are not happy, you don’t love yourself, matter of fact, you don’t even like yourself, but if you feel this way about YOU, how is someone else support to love you, make you feel happy even just like you as a person?
To be able to let others into your life and truly get the best experience for it, you honestly need to learn to LOVE YOURSELF!
Sounds really cheesy right? But it is true!
Fall in love with what you see in the mirror, love your uniqueness, love your individuality, don’t ever try to be someone else because there is no one else in the world like YOU!
There never has been anyone like you, and there NEVER will be anyone like you!
There is no point in comparing yourself to others, you do not need to be validated by another person – don’t depend on things to give you status & recognition, already believe you have it & the rest will follow.
Decide to be a joyful person, irrespective of circumstance, because there is always someone out there worse of than what you are, and sometimes these people can be closer to home than you think – always be grateful for what you have, even the smallest things in life.
Don’t keep waiting for the perfect time, live in the moment, the HERE & NOW!
Don’t waste your precious time, we only get so much!
Write down all of your successes & celebrate every single one! Whether you managed to get out of bed today and open your curtains, or whether you got that promotion at work, we all see different things as successes because we are all DIFFERENT!
To fail means you did better than the one that did not try at all and in my personal opinion, you can never fail as long as you always do you best, it’s just a learning curve!
Always help those that are less fortunate than you are, whether that is helping the old lady next door get her shopping inside or buy the homeless man in town a sandwich, even such small acts of kindness has a massive impact on your self-worth & value, not only are you benefiting yourself, you are helping out another person at the same time, which is going to make them feel great too!
It can be a difficult thing to do, but accept compliments from other people – they genuinely mean it, even if you don’t believe it, just smile and say thank-you, even compliment them back!
You should also celebrate the people who criticise you, the more citicisms you have the more valuable you are – they are only criticising you because they are feeling threatened by your GREATNESS!
Problems always gravitate to their solution, just let your universe show you the way!
I hope that this helps you to realise loving yourself is one of the up most important things you can do for yourself and for your family.
If you still feel like you need help with learning to love yourself you can download my 7 day workbook ‘Learn To Love Yourself’ to help you become the most confident verison of yourself.

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