Keeping your thoughts clear…
I’ve woken up with some food for thought & wanted to share it all with you quickly because I feel like it is really important.
It is true that you choose what you manifest, but the universe is a funny thing & your need to keep your thoughts clear on what it is that you actually want to manifest, rather than what you do not want to manifest. 
I’m actually going to tell you a story about a lady I know, she didn’t have a very good upbringing, her mum was a drug addict & she was never around for her, I don’t know about her dad, she never mentioned him, I don’t think she actually knew who he was.
She grew up with a pretty shocking lifestyle, but when she got married & had her own children she always swore she would never become the person her mum did, but she did become that person, she no longer sees her children because she is also a drug addict, she left her husband for ‘better’ things & her life completely turned upside down.
Some of you might think that this shouldn’t of happened, this shouldn’t of been what she manifested.. but why did it manifest..?
Because she didn’t keep her thoughts clear enough, the frequency wasn’t right, she focused so much on the person that she didn’t want to become, she became it. 
My point here is that the universe needs to hear you LOUD & CLEAR, you can choose what you manifest, but make sure you focus on the things you actually want rather than the things you don’t.
If this lady had spend more time focusing on the person that she wanted to become, rather than the person she NEVER wanted to become, then things would of been a lot different for her & her family, but that is what the universe heard, so that is what the universe gave her.
Be careful,  keep your thoughts clear, focus on the person you want to be, not the person you don’t want to become. 

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