The thing about motivation is, it doesn’t actually exist, nobody has motivation to do something they don’t want to do, “I’ve got no motivation” is more of an excuse to put something off because you don’t want to do it, rather than an actual reason.

But by putting it off & waiting to be motivated you’re just pro-longing whatever it is you feel like you need motivation for, you could be a lot kinder to yourself & just get it done rather than telling yourself you’re not motivated & leaving yourself dwelling on it.

Recently I have come across the 5 second rule, meaning you count down from 5 like you are going into launch. this stops your subconscious from having time to kick in. You may of already heard of this method from Mel Robbins, I’ve tired & tested it & it honestly works!

Every morning when my alarm goes off (if it actually ends up being before the baby!), I lay there & count, 5,4,3,2,1… then launch myself out of bed for the day, because let’s face it, nobody wants to get out of their warm cosy bed in November!

This method can work in any situation, it doesn’t have to be just getting out of bed, just try it, next time you have no motivation, count down from 5 & launch yourself!

Have you already used this method? Let me know in the comments how it has worked for you, or come back once you’ve tried it!¬†

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