How CBD baths have changed my life


The first time I used CBD in the bath it changed my life. I have hEDS (Hypermobility Elhers  Danlos Syndrome) and PoTS (a type of dysautonomia) – with this I get various vascular problems and it hurts so much – varicose veins, heart palpitations from poor circulation, oh and I’ve lost count at the amount of times I’ve been checked for pulmonary embolism (blood clots that move round the body), my skin is described as ‘translucent’ (meaning you can see ALL the little tiny veins as well as the big ones!) So my blood and veins can cause a lot of problems are times.

After using the 50mg CBD bath bombs and the 200mg Bubble Bar I noticed a dramatic
difference in my veins. I’m usually getting out the bath with bulging veins and sometimes  they throb and hurt, you can see every little tiny one, on my hands and down my legs and honestly I hate it. But after using the CBD bath bomb and bubble bar.. they were no longer visible. After 2 days I was still having this experience and neither me or my partner could believe it!!

My skin is super soft by nature, another EDS thing, but getting out that bath I felt like SILK. It improved some stress spots that had come up on my back and neck and i was beginning to feel a lot more confident in my skin. I get rashes, swelling, andhives from allergies and even just temperature changes, so it was nice to see these being settled by my baths too! The only thing that changed was adding CBD to my bath and I cannot believe I didnt think of it before.

I took a trip to the CBD expo and had a nasty fall, noone had any bathbombs on them so I
was ran a bath with 300mg body oil put in as a substitute… oh my god. The pain had
dramatically reduced and by no means was I okay but in comparison to the pain I was
having prior to that it was a dramatic improvement. All I could think about was the lady from  one of the stalls earlier telling me how CBD in the bath was “a waste of time” and had no effects, oh how she was missing a trick and not realising what she had at her finger tips (she had many therapeutic bath products as well as CBD products). Therefore I was so happy to be asked to write on my experience on CBD in the bath, because let’s me honest, people need to know of this sorcery! To witness others not realise the benefits made me even more passionate to get this down onpaper!

CBD in the bath has changed my life!

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