How does Hannabis choose their partners…

When Hannabis look for other companies to parnter with, there are a few things that come into play for us but here are the most important things.

At Hannabis we aim to be as eco-friendly as possibly & recycle as much as we can, we are not perfect & we do not expect our company partners to be perfect but we like to see some kind of effort to be made & always looking for ways to improve.

Another massive thing we look for is compliance, even though there are some big named brands out there, a few of them are still selling illegal products, so we like to take a closer look the products that are offered & make sure they fit our honest, reputable brand.

We love to offer products that are different to the ones we already have, bringing new things to our consumers all of the time. We also do not like to offer any conflicting products as we feel that it would confuse our consumers as to which is the better product as we are suppose to be providing them with the top quality that we can.

As a company we advocate for education & always put this as the most important thing for our consume, rather than their sale. So when we see another company with that same kind of passion, it is generally a match made in heaven.

Another thing we love to do is partner with our affiliates & be able to offer their services, or bespoke handmade products on our website. We currently have Full Spectrum CBD Soap, Bespoke Hemp Teas & Hemp Recipes, all provided by some of our amazing affiliates.

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  1. Love this so much, especially the part about trying our best without being perfect – no one can be! Refreshing and honest xo

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