Hannabis Release Temple Balm

RRP £14.99
Release Date 15th Feb 2020

Why Temple Balm?

We are super excited to release our ‘Soul’jah On Temple Balm’ this month, this product is especially close to our hearts as Nicole (Co-Director of Hannabis) lives with a chronic health condition called Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH) & Cluster Migrains, as well as Mensteral Migrains.

What Makes This Balm Different?

We may see we have a few different balm options available on the website, but what makes this temple balm different from the rest?

This balm is infused with oils that specifically relate to headaches/migrains & also helping with inflammation. This is the only balm of it’s kind available in the UK, 60ml, with 100mg full spectrum CBD. 

Why ‘Soul’jah On’

Soul’jah is the actually the name of a dog of one of Hannah’s close friends, Soul’jah is an absolute queen & deserves her name on a product, you’ll even see her picture on our box.

Who is Hannabis?

Found in 2019, Hannabis began as one woman’s passion to educate people on the benefits of CBD and the versatility of the cannabis plant, whilst still being at home to enjoy and provide for her family. Realising the potential empower others to become a part of the CBD Industry Hannabis brought in a new director and together they grew the business into a free affiliate programme that sells a wide range of CBD products, an original clothing range designed by the directors, self-development courses, spiritual items and contiues to launch handmade CBD products – including the UKs first CBD shampoo bar encouraging customers to reduce their plastic waste, becoming consciously aware of their consumer impact. Hannah and Nicole the co-directors of Hannabis continue to grow by adding new products and raise awareness of positive impact Cannabis and it’s counterparts can have. 

Hannabis – CBD Movement Ltd™

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