Hannabis Advocate’s

What does the Hannabis Advocate team have to offer?

Advocate’s partnered with Hannabis have become like family, many of which have been growing with us since the very beginning and we often find ourselves creating additional free content based on what they need support in through-out  both their businesses and day-to-day lives. Every member receives access to extensive training, 24 hour support from each other via an online chatgroup, 1-to-1 support from their uplines, our regional managers and ourselves. There is no end of support through Hannabis proving increasingly helpful to those who suffer from chronic illnesses, who often find themselves stuck at home unable to do much or reach out to many people and other mum’s who are trying to make an extra income around young children. The training and support we provide aims to help them grow their own businesses and dispel the misconceptions about cannabinoids in order to change the discourse surrounding the cannabis industry. Hannabis inspires individuals to follow their own dreams, and have encouraged some of the affiliates to make their own products by teaching them how and supporting them through the whole process.

As our advocate program has expanded over the months we’ve come to realise, like many others in the industry, that some of those entering the industry don’t always have much knowledge around Cannabis, CBD and the benefits of cannabinoids. If we are having newbies join us daily with little to no knowledge of CBD, imagine how many others have joined the industry with absolutely no clue. It is because of this we started We.CAN.nabidiol as a sister company to Hannabis where we focus on creating a solely educational platform. While we already share a lot of our knowledge with our Hannabis audience we’re keen to have We.CAN.nabidiol and all of the educational content we’ve put together under its own umbrella, we didn’t want it to be seen like a marketing tactic for Hannabis but instead its own stand-alone platform. Having had some time to witness the massive growth within the industry in such a short amount of time, we believe that the only way this industry is going to expand in a safe and sustainable way, is by educating as many people as we can about CBD and Cannabis as a whole.

“Being a Hannabis advocate means being part of a family. There is always support when you need it and the education and training are exceptional. There are no targets or pressure, just encouragement and help to be the best version of yourself you can be. The company motto, family and health first, makes it stand out from any other company.” – Sally Downing

“Love being apart of Hannabis everyone is lovely such a supportive team to be with, both Hannah and Nicole are amazing they have put so much time and effort into everything they do for us, when it comes to trainning, products and there customers and everything else behind the scenes. hannah is always there to guide us and im so happy I have joined amazing company. I’ve been also trying the shampoo bar and it’s literally something I have never came across before it’s outstanding something I now will be using constantly, love the company, products and everything thing about Hannabis, I look forward to a long happy journey with everyone.” – Lynsey Morris

“Love being part of the Advocate Team at Hannabis Ltd. A knowledgeable Team led by Hannah & Nicole offering friendly & supportive guidance and training with your business, not just at the start but ongoing. You get a fantastic network of other affiliates who support one another too.” – Sharon Emanuel

“As an Advocate of Hannabis I’ve only been apart of the team a few weeks but I’m absolutely loving it, get to run my own online business theirs no pushyness from above as such but we are all equal and made to feel it! no targets no cold sales.
For me this has been really good I’m a mum of 3 wonderful kids being 5yrs, 3yrs and 2yrs old so being apart of this company is amazing because I work it around me and my life so I still get ever moment I can watching my kids grow up I couldn’t ask for much more its helping with my confidence which feels amazing to be honest I can’t wait for what’s ahead thank you Hannabis” – Rabbiya Sadiq

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