Today has been rough. From the moment I opened by eyes I’ve had overwhelming feelings of self-doubt, failure, stress & not being worthy…

But why? Why have I woken up having all these feelings even though I was ‘fine’ yesterday. What’s wrong with me… Nothing has happened to make me feel this way. 

If you look at my mental health on paper I am a ‘normal’ ‘stable’ person, but truth is, we all suffer from time to time. We all get stuck in our heads & struggle to get back out again. Fact is we are only human & we all have feelings. 

Feelings need to process our own bodies work in weird ways & my body knows when I start to have these feelings is the only time I will actually take a break & step away from things for a bit.

Business has been non-stop for the last few weeks, which has been incredible & I am in no way complaining but it has drained me completely. I’ve let my own personal self-care slip, whether that is having some pamper time or working on my mindset & personally I’ve gone massively down hill. 

Take this note to remind yourself, no matter how busy you are. Find balance & look after yourself first, because pouring from an empty cup is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.




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  1. Absolutely love this, take care of yourself ❤ xx

  2. I absolutely love you hannah your such a loving caring girl an your rite self care is so important Iyou totally inspire me I really need to take a leaf out your book as av not been great over the last fortnight. Just need to keep trying to pull myself back up an dust myself down. Hope your feeling a bit better since writing this much love to you Darling. Xxxx

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