Hannabis Plant Trees

You’ve been watching the countdown all week, now is the time! If you were luck enought to catch InfinityCBD’s announcment yesterday you’ll know that Hannabis is excited to be partnering with InfinityCBD and there new InfiniTree Project. But what does that mean exactly…

It means…

For every product you purchase from Hannabis with a value of over £10 we will pay for and plant a tree.

Yes! You heard it right, Hannabis are planting trees! and we couldn’t be more excited. If you’ve been following us for a while or had a chance to read our bio, you’ll know that we’re quite councious about the planet and what we can do to look after it. Where possible our packaging is eco-friendly and/or recyclable including our subscription boxes and christmas advent calenders where we use popcorn, instead of polistiren packing beads, that can be fed to the birds or thread onto some string and hung on your tree! 

Why Are You Planting Trees?

Not only do trees help clean the air we breathe (pretty important I’d say!) they filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. Forests provide jobs to over 1.6 billion people, absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere, and are key ingredients in 25% of all medicines. Ever taken an Aspirin? It comes from the bark of a tree!

On top of all that, trees can have a far-reaching effect in stemming global warming by removing huge amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. By planting trees we helping to save the planet.

Where are you planting trees?

While there many important sites that need planting, we’ve chosen Peru as our first focus. The Amazon rainforest covers more than 60% of Preu. The trees we plant with be planted alongside the charity One Tree Planted, who are aiming to restore the “Buffer Zone” between Tambopata National Reserve and the city of Puerto Maldonado where many of the wildlife there are at risk and need protecting. including over 10% of the worlds bird species, jaguars and hundreds of other species who live among the remaining forest.

Re-planting there will also go a long way to helping the local farmers who rely on the land. The trees will begin to help restore the degraded land and the local community will receive education, training and technical assistance to ensure the success of the project.

Can we be involved?

We welcome all our customers to continue buying your favourite products and we’ll automatically donate of cut of the profits (on products over £10) towards planting trees and saving the planet. 

If you run your own CBD company we’d love you to be involved too. As an up and coming industry, we have to learn from previous mistakes, we have to do things the right way. If you want to be involved, please email InfinityCBD and an email and begin the subject with “InfiniTree”

Thank you so much for reading! 

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Trees & Spirituality

Trees & spiritual practice

Trees have a very interesting role when it comes to spirituality, they have been seen as sacred in many cultures. They are both beautiful & symbolic & can have very powerful influences in our spiritual lives.

Most religious or spiritual practices involved trees in one way or another. Many mythologies around the globe have stories of world or cosmic tree. The roots, trunk & branches of a tree reperence the underworld, earth & heavens.

Biblical scripture also mention trees, “tree of life” & “tree of knowledge of good & evil” in the book of Genesis. Buddhism also has connections, especially to the Bodhi tree where Buddha was known to have reached enlightenment as he sat & meditated. Druids have been known to practice worship among sacred groves of trees. 

Tu B’Shevat is known as the birthday of trees, whichis the 15th day of the month of Aquarius, which changes yearly. In 2020 it will fall on Sunday 9th February & end in the evening of Monday 10th February. It is known as the 24 hour window in time where the trees receive their energy for the entire year-whether they will grow & whether fruits will grow from them. 

Trees are a souce of energy on so many different levels. They help people physically by providing oxygen & shade. They also provide shelter & habitats for animals. Some trees also give their fruit & wood to help ensure our survival.

The energy from trees can also affect our mental, emotion & spiritual bodies of energy. For example, the peace & serenity people feel when they sit under a tree or walk through a forest. The feelings of joy & excitment that children feel when climbing through a tree or the magic of spending time in a treehouse.

Like all living things, trees have an energy frequency or vibrations & an aura. With roots reaching deep into the earth & they have excellent grounding energy. Their vibrations are slower, deeper * more concentrated compared to some other living things. They give out the energy vibe of safety, secruity & stability. 

By coming into contact with a tree you will pick up these vibrations whether you are consciously aware of it or not. You begin to resonate with the tree’s energy & you become more centred & grounded. This can help explain the comfort many people feel when they are next to a tree. Tree hugging doesn’t seem so bad now, eh?

Working with trees for spirituality

Trees grow like we are supposed to: against our nature. What do I mean by that? Well essentially, our human nature is this Desire to Receive for the Self Alone. As we grow against it, we become like the Creator, who is all sharing, good, and completely infinite. As we become like the Creator, we rise above those negativities that hold us back from our potential.

As mentioned before, spending time among trees can help center your energy in a positive way. Sharing the beauty of a tree can be very healing and can help you reconnect with the sacredness of life and living things. Here are some ideas for working with trees.

Do the hippie thing and try physically hugging a tree. Visualize your scattered or negative energy travelling down the tree’s roots to be recycled by Mother Earth. Then you can picture the tree absorbing nourishing energy from Mother Earth up through its roots.

Consider taking it a step further by thanking the tree (mentally or verbally) for helping you to ground your energy. By doing this you not only raise your positive vibrations and the tree’s, you also raise the planet’s energy. It’s a lovely and simple spiritual and healing practice.

If you practice Reiki or some other form of energy healing, offer it to a tree. As living things, they can appreciate a dose of universal life energy too. It also benefits the giver by spreading good karma. If you don’t practice energy healing, then say a prayer, blessing or send positive intentions for the health of both the tree and yourself.

Planting Trees

Plant a tree if you have the opportunity. By doing so you are not only giving life to a tree, you are ensuring the life of the planet. Trees have so many wonderful benefits to the ecosystem. What could be more healing and sacred than that? If you can’t personally plant a tree, consider donating time or funds to a foundation that cares for trees.

A tree planted in someone’s memory is a living tribute that benefits present and future generations, and is perhaps the most fitting memorial gift of all. Your memorial trees planted in National Forests will be honorable monuments and active participants in nature’s plan for decades to come.

Plant a tree in someone’s name – a unique and green gift for events such as birthdays, holidays, graduations, weddings, new births, anniversaries, or any special occasion. Now you can pay tribute to your friends and loved ones while replanting our nation’s forests.

Next time you pass by a tree, remember its spiritual power and all the wonderful gifts it gives to humanity and the planet. Share its healing energy and enjoy all its beauty!

Hannabis VS The Industry

How are we making a difference in the industry

We are still surprised to see big CBD brands with non-compliant products all of the time, which we know we cannot put a stop to ourselves but instead we plan to be a part of educating the next generation of CBD sellers to do it the right way, and educate the people buying the products so they know who to trust. There isn’t much to being a compliant CBD company, if to mum’s living over 100 miles apart working from their kitchens can keep track of not only Hannabis, but of every single one of our affiliates. Larger CBD companies really have no excuse. There are only a few rules to follow in the UK, so if a company can’t abide by them, what else are they doing under the radar. If providing this education gives someone who already owns a CBD business (and are maybe not aware of all the rules) a chance to put things right then we know what we are doing is right.

Hannabis & We.CAN.nabidiol is here to make waves, educate, advocate & evaluate. We push to have official regulations in place to filter out the people that are selling illegal products or are jumping at the opportunity to get into an extremely fast growing industry. Whilst helping pull out the underdogs that have the true passion & belief behind the plant and hopefully be a We truly believe that all product based companies should be registered with a governing body such as the Cannabis Trades Association, all consumable products should be 3rd party lab tested & confirmed by the governing body they are registered with, as well as having all of their website checked over on a regular basis & their social media platforms. If we do not start to have regulations for absolutely everyone soon, we will no longer have an industry within the UK.

Companies that are not compliant within the industry are slowing destroying it from the inside, by either selling illegal products, lying to their consumers with false information & labels or producing poor quality products. Some people seem to think it’s okay to do something if another company is getting away with it, which again adds to destroying the industry piece by piece. It also gives the industry itself a bad reputation & makes consumers question all of the products, even the ones sold by the trustworthy companies that are doing things right.

One major thing in the industry that has been around from almost the start is not to make any medical claims, which has been ruled by the MHRA but yet there are still big brands making medical claims & going about selling CBD products in an illegal way. This is why We.CAN.nabidiol believe that education is key, education for the sellers & the consumers, if education is giving on both ends then the brands that truly care can correct their mistakes & the ones that don’t will soon fall because the consumers will not want to purchase from a brand that is not trustworthy.

All companies within the industry need to STOP pushing sells & push people to learn. Instead of seeing people as pounds, actually see them as people wanting help & trying to solve an issue they have. That is the only reason anyone is wanting to try CBD, although anyone can use CBD to just promote a healthy lifestyle, most people that are using it or wanting to use it have an underlying issue.

In our hopes to further educate others we also recently launched a podcast called We.Hannabis combining both Hannabis and We.CAN.abidiol as part of a twice-weekly podcast. Every other week landing on the 13th of every month at around 8pm we record a live interactive podcast on our Facebook page where we aim to educate listeners on CBD and Cannabis as well as discussing relevant topics from the media. Doing it live has helped us connect with our audience on a whole new level, answering questions instantly and discussing different points of view on a range of relative topics.

How does Hannabis choose their partners…

When Hannabis look for other companies to parnter with, there are a few things that come into play for us but here are the most important things.

At Hannabis we aim to be as eco-friendly as possibly & recycle as much as we can, we are not perfect & we do not expect our company partners to be perfect but we like to see some kind of effort to be made & always looking for ways to improve.

Another massive thing we look for is compliance, even though there are some big named brands out there, a few of them are still selling illegal products, so we like to take a closer look the products that are offered & make sure they fit our honest, reputable brand.

We love to offer products that are different to the ones we already have, bringing new things to our consumers all of the time. We also do not like to offer any conflicting products as we feel that it would confuse our consumers as to which is the better product as we are suppose to be providing them with the top quality that we can.

As a company we advocate for education & always put this as the most important thing for our consume, rather than their sale. So when we see another company with that same kind of passion, it is generally a match made in heaven.

Another thing we love to do is partner with our affiliates & be able to offer their services, or bespoke handmade products on our website. We currently have Full Spectrum CBD Soap, Bespoke Hemp Teas & Hemp Recipes, all provided by some of our amazing affiliates.

Hannabis Affiliates

What does the Hannabis Affilaites team have to offer?


Affiliates partnered with Hannabis have become like family, many of which have been growing with us since the very beginning and we often find ourselves creating additional free content based on what they need support in through-out  both their businesses and day-to-day lives. Every member receives access to extensive training, 24 hour support from each other via an online chatgroup, 1-to-1 support from their uplines, our regional managers and ourselves. There is no end of support through Hannabis proving increasingly helpful to those who suffer from chronic illnesses, who often find themselves stuck at home unable to do much or reach out to many people and other mum’s who are trying to make an extra income around young children. The training and support we provide aims to help them grow their own businesses and dispel the misconceptions about cannabinoids in order to change the discourse surrounding the cannabis industry. Hannabis inspires individuals to follow their own dreams, and have encouraged some of the affiliates to make their own products by teaching them how and supporting them through the whole process.

As our affiliate program has expanded over the months we’ve come to realise, like many others in the industry, that some of those entering the industry don’t always have much knowledge around Cannabis, CBD and the benefits of cannabinoids. If we are having newbies join us daily with little to no knowledge of CBD, imagine how many others have joined the industry with absolutely no clue. It is because of this we started We.CAN.nabidiol as a sister company to Hannabis where we focus on creating a solely educational platform. While we already share a lot of our knowledge with our Hannabis audience we’re keen to have We.CAN.nabidiol and all of the educational content we’ve put together under its own umbrella, we didn’t want it to be seen like a marketing tactic for Hannabis but instead its own stand-alone platform. Having had some time to witness the massive growth within the industry in such a short amount of time, we believe that the only way this industry is going to expand in a safe and sustainable way, is by educating as many people as we can about CBD and Cannabis as a whole.

“Being a Hannabis affiliate means being part of a family. There is always support when you need it and the education and training are exceptional. There are no targets or pressure, just encouragement and help to be the best version of yourself you can be. The company motto, family and health first, makes it stand out from any other company.” – Sally Downing

“Love being apart of Hannabis everyone is lovely such a supportive team to be with, both Hannah and Nicole are amazing they have put so much time and effort into everything they do for us, when it comes to trainning, products and there customers and everything else behind the scenes. hannah is always there to guide us and im so happy I have joined amazing company. I’ve been also trying the shampoo bar and it’s literally something I have never came across before it’s outstanding something I now will be using constantly, love the company, products and everything thing about Hannabis, I look forward to a long happy journey with everyone.” – Lynsey Morris

“Love being part of the Affiliate Team at Hannabis Ltd. A knowledgeable Team led by Hannah & Nicole offering friendly & supportive guidance and training with your business, not just at the start but ongoing. You get a fantastic network of other affiliates who support one another too.” – Sharon Emanuel

“As an affiliate of Hannabis I’ve only been apart of the team a few weeks but I’m absolutely loving it, get to run my own online business theirs no pushyness from above as such but we are all equal and made to feel it! no targets no cold sales.
For me this has been really good I’m a mum of 3 wonderful kids being 5yrs, 3yrs and 2yrs old so being apart of this company is amazing because I work it around me and my life so I still get ever moment I can watching my kids grow up I couldn’t ask for much more its helping with my confidence which feels amazing to be honest I can’t wait for what’s ahead thank you Hannabis” – Rabbiya Sadiq

Hannabis… Who are they?

How did Hannabis begin?

In January 2018, Hannabis began as from my (Hannah Wenn) passion to educate others on the benefits of CBD and the versatility of the cannabis plant, whilst still being at home to enjoy and provide for my family. I originally became involved with the CBD industry in January 2018, I’d partnered with multiple companies over 18 months, trying to find the right one for me but after attending the first HEMP & CBD Expo in March 2019, with some coaxing from my soon to be business partner (unbeknown to us at the time) I decided that if I wanted something done right then I should just do it myself. Hannabis became officially ‘born’ in January 2019 when I registered Hannabis as an official company and no longer just a blog. Back then Hannabis started with just 4 handmade scented lip balms.

In a short amount of time it became clear that two minds would be better than one and I teamed up with graphic designer Nicole Gore to push Hannabis to its full potential. We instantly began planning to launch our own range of CBD products which released in June 2019, with at least one new product release every month since. In the months that followed Hannabis quickly grew into a free affiliate programme open to anyone and everyone interested in starting their own CBD business from home. A couple of month’s had passed and as Hannabis began to receive more feedback we added more products. To include an original clothing range inspired by the CBD and Cannabis industry, designed by us, a number of self-development courses, spiritual items and a growing number bespoke handmade CBD cosmetic products – including the UKs first CBD shampoo bar with the hopes to encourage customers to reduce their plastic waste and become more consciously aware of their consumer impact.

What does Hannabis stand up for?

The Hannabis branding was born from our very own personalities, we’re everyday mum’s of two toddlers each, balancing family, business and being absolute queens in our own right. We created our crystal crown wearing queen as symbol of women empowerment amongst what we have found to be a very male dominant industry, it quickly became clear that this very niche style of branding was going to make us stand out from the crowd. Our ethos is inclusively about being one; with ourselves, with each other and with the world that surrounds us. We protect the lives we have been given and the world we live in by making everything as eco-friendly & recycling everything possible. Being a part of Hannabis means supporting, uplifting and empowering one another to be happy, love ourselves and enjoy life!

All in all, Hannabis is a truly unique company within the industry, our message is different to many others and our transparency has allowed both our affiliates and customers to feel at ease with the products we offer and the information we provide. Our branding allows us to stand out from the crowd and reach people that might not have previously thought about joining the industry or even trying CBD before. We do what we can to support the Cannabis Activists as much as we do anyone else, and we’re constantly finding new and innovative ways to help them reach new audiences and aid them in spreading their own important messages. Hannabis is about aiding everyone in the industry, from seed to sale, so that we can lift the entire industry together and not just leverage the parts of it that we know would make us more profit. We think it is for this reason Hannabis was recently nominated for the GHP Medical Cannabis Award 2019 which we are awaiting to hear the results from.



Christmas CBD Advent Calendar

We are so excited to be launching our first ever CBD advent calendars which are also the first ones in the UK!

We have two amazing calendars to choose from, which one would you choose?



A 24 day calendar for the Christmas countdown, full of a huge range of samples so that you can try a new Hannabis – CBD Movement LTD product each day. This will also enable you to try all of the products we have before choosing which full size item you would like to purchase. There will also be a surprise product that has not yet launched & will be sold exclusively in the advent calendars until the new year.



Also a calendar for the 12 days of Christmas which makes the perfect gift to the CBD lovers in your life. This calendar contains 12 full size products which retail at £149.99 also with a surprise product that has not yet launched & will be sold exclusively the advent calendars until the new year.

Both of these calendars have been a huge hit already & we have loved being able to create them for everyone. We can’t wait to see how we can make them even better for next year. 



Do you want to get your hands on the whole range or are you swaying towards the 12 full size products? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Love Hannabis 


October ’19

Well back in September things started to get a little crazy for us with lots of different things going on which you can read about HERE

We wanted to continue that into October so we could share with you everything that is going on throughout this month in one place for you all to read about! 

October marks the first month of our podcasts called We.Hannabis which we have gone about slightly differently to the regular podcast & we are actually recording them live on facebook & turning them into interactive podcasts, letting you guys get involved & share your thoughts on our topics. 

You can find our podcast on the following platforms – 

Come join us on Facebook at www.facebook.co.uk/hannabistm on the 13th at 8pm to interact with us on our podcasts. 

Along side setting up this podcast we have also set up a Patreon at www.patreon.com/Hannabistm where you can come & support Hannabis in a way without being fully involved with the business & recieve gifts from us as thank-you. 

At the end of September we also partnered an amazing company called Infinty CBD to bring you a larger range of topical products & edibles. We really relate to this company because they have really similar values within the industry to us & if business could get married, this would be a match made in heaven. 

We actually partnered with infinity after the expo in September, where we had the pleasure of meeting them & testing out their products. There will also be another expo in Feb 2020 & we have planned a Hannabis retreat for the affiliates to be able to join us & stay in a castle whilst we have fun at the expo together, where we will also be having an exhibiton for the very first time too. 

Throughout October we have also been revamping our training to be hosting it through the back office of our website to make it easier for affiliates to access, we hope to have this fully completed by the end of the month but we have run into some technical difficulties along the way.

We have also have a NEW product release this month with our Full Spectrum CBD Coffee Beans & we have celebrated by having a 10% sale on all of our hot drink items! 

Our first opportunity call was also hosted in October too, which we had a great time doing & hanging with our affiliates & hearing from them about what they think of the business, you can catch the replay HERE.

We are also doing another eco-friendly event tomorrow in Wimborne, if you’re reading this & you’re near, then come along & say hi! 




What Even Is Life…


What a crazy month September is turning out to be already….

In just over a week we will be attending the Hemp & CBD Expo in Birmingham for the entire weekend, with 5 of our affiliates & we will be presented with some amazing networking opportunities with all kinds of people within the industry. 



I have a meeting with my local eco friendly store ‘Take No Wrap’, because they would like to see our products & maybe stock them in their store, expanding our customer base & spreading the CBD Movement even further.



Nicole is then off for an offical meeting to start the process of being able to offer accredited courses to educate people around the topics of CBD, Hemp & Cannabis via our sister company ‘We.CAN.nabidiol‘. These courses will be a great opportunity to anyone that is involved within any of the industries & will show people that they have the knowledge behind their businesses. 

From 20th – 22nd Hannabis will be attending ‘Know Your Roots Eco Fest‘ in Essex, where we will have hosting a stall inside the WTU tent, show casing all of our handmade products with information about our other products. 



Also on the 29th we will also be attending the Mind Body Spirit event in Milborne Port, again showcasing all of our handmade products with plenty of other information about our other products. 



We hope to be able to catch you at some of the events we will be attending, that is once we have got over everything that is happening this month & how fast everything is growing!