Christmas CBD Advent Calendar

We are so excited to be launching our first ever CBD advent calendars which are also the first ones in the UK!

We have two amazing calendars to choose from, which one would you choose?



A 24 day calendar for the Christmas countdown, full of a huge range of samples so that you can try a new Hannabis – CBD Movement LTD product each day. This will also enable you to try all of the products we have before choosing which full size item you would like to purchase. There will also be a surprise product that has not yet launched & will be sold exclusively in the advent calendars until the new year.



Also a calendar for the 12 days of Christmas which makes the perfect gift to the CBD lovers in your life. This calendar contains 12 full size products which retail at £149.99 also with a surprise product that has not yet launched & will be sold exclusively the advent calendars until the new year.

Both of these calendars have been a huge hit already & we have loved being able to create them for everyone. We can’t wait to see how we can make them even better for next year. 



Do you want to get your hands on the whole range or are you swaying towards the 12 full size products? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Love Hannabis 


What is a terpene?

What is a terpene? It is an aromatic organic hydrocarbon which can be found in my plants & even some insects. Plants will develop terpenes to ward of potential herbivores that may eat them but also to attract helpful pollinators. Cannabis is naturally very high in terpenes & is why it has such a strong smell, in fact cannabis contains over 200 terpenes, we will look at a few of the of the more popular ones below.

But terpenes are not only found in the cannabis plant & if you are familiar with essential oils you will already have some experience with terpenes. They can be found in very high quantities in various essential oils.



Thanks for reading.

Love Hannabis 


Supercharged CBD!

What is supercharged CBD…. 

Well basically what is says, it is CBD that has been supercharged by being infused with another ingredient which also promotes a healthy lifestyle!

This particular product has been infused with Turmeric & Black Cumin which we are going to take a deeper look into now –


The natural super botanical that supports your wellbeing.The turmeric plant hails from South East Asia and has been used for thousands of years as a natural aid for digestion as well as a cooking spice. Like ginger, it is from the Zingiberaceae family, and its health benefits come from its roots. 

Black Cumin

Black seed, black caraway, Roman coriander, kalonji, or fennel flower, grown for its pungent seeds, which are used as a spice and in herbal medicine. It has been used in different civilization around the world for centuries to treat various things in animals & humans.


Why Turmeric & Black Cumin together?

Unfortunately, the curcumin in turmeric is poorly absorbed into the bloodstream. As a result, you could be missing out on its advantages to health.

However, adding black pepper can help. Research supports that combining the piperine in black pepper with the curcumin in turmeric enhances curcumin absorption by up to 2,000%

We hope this helped you understand our brand new supercharged CBD product which is available in 3 different strengths in our shop!




October ’19

Well back in September things started to get a little crazy for us with lots of different things going on which you can read about HERE

We wanted to continue that into October so we could share with you everything that is going on throughout this month in one place for you all to read about! 

October marks the first month of our podcasts called We.Hannabis which we have gone about slightly differently to the regular podcast & we are actually recording them live on facebook & turning them into interactive podcasts, letting you guys get involved & share your thoughts on our topics. 

You can find our podcast on the following platforms – 

Come join us on Facebook at on the 13th at 8pm to interact with us on our podcasts. 

Along side setting up this podcast we have also set up a Patreon at where you can come & support Hannabis in a way without being fully involved with the business & recieve gifts from us as thank-you. 

At the end of September we also partnered an amazing company called Infinty CBD to bring you a larger range of topical products & edibles. We really relate to this company because they have really similar values within the industry to us & if business could get married, this would be a match made in heaven. 

We actually partnered with infinity after the expo in September, where we had the pleasure of meeting them & testing out their products. There will also be another expo in Feb 2020 & we have planned a Hannabis retreat for the affiliates to be able to join us & stay in a castle whilst we have fun at the expo together, where we will also be having an exhibiton for the very first time too. 

Throughout October we have also been revamping our training to be hosting it through the back office of our website to make it easier for affiliates to access, we hope to have this fully completed by the end of the month but we have run into some technical difficulties along the way.

We have also have a NEW product release this month with our Full Spectrum CBD Coffee Beans & we have celebrated by having a 10% sale on all of our hot drink items! 

Our first opportunity call was also hosted in October too, which we had a great time doing & hanging with our affiliates & hearing from them about what they think of the business, you can catch the replay HERE.

We are also doing another eco-friendly event tomorrow in Wimborne, if you’re reading this & you’re near, then come along & say hi! 




Get Out Of Your Own Head

Today has been rough. From the moment I opened by eyes I’ve had overwhelming feelings of self-doubt, failure, stress & not being worthy…

But why? Why have I woken up having all these feelings even though I was ‘fine’ yesterday. What’s wrong with me… Nothing has happened to make me feel this way. 

If you look at my mental health on paper I am a ‘normal’ ‘stable’ person, but truth is, we all suffer from time to time. We all get stuck in our heads & struggle to get back out again. Fact is we are only human & we all have feelings. 

Feelings need to process our own bodies work in weird ways & my body knows when I start to have these feelings is the only time I will actually take a break & step away from things for a bit.

Business has been non-stop for the last few weeks, which has been incredible & I am in no way complaining but it has drained me completely. I’ve let my own personal self-care slip, whether that is having some pamper time or working on my mindset & personally I’ve gone massively down hill. 

Take this note to remind yourself, no matter how busy you are. Find balance & look after yourself first, because pouring from an empty cup is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.




What Even Is Life…


What a crazy month September is turning out to be already….

In just over a week we will be attending the Hemp & CBD Expo in Birmingham for the entire weekend, with 5 of our affiliates & we will be presented with some amazing networking opportunities with all kinds of people within the industry. 



I have a meeting with my local eco friendly store ‘Take No Wrap’, because they would like to see our products & maybe stock them in their store, expanding our customer base & spreading the CBD Movement even further.



Nicole is then off for an offical meeting to start the process of being able to offer accredited courses to educate people around the topics of CBD, Hemp & Cannabis via our sister company ‘We.CAN.nabidiol‘. These courses will be a great opportunity to anyone that is involved within any of the industries & will show people that they have the knowledge behind their businesses. 

From 20th – 22nd Hannabis will be attending ‘Know Your Roots Eco Fest‘ in Essex, where we will have hosting a stall inside the WTU tent, show casing all of our handmade products with information about our other products. 



Also on the 29th we will also be attending the Mind Body Spirit event in Milborne Port, again showcasing all of our handmade products with plenty of other information about our other products. 



We hope to be able to catch you at some of the events we will be attending, that is once we have got over everything that is happening this month & how fast everything is growing!




Flawsome Jem

When Hannah asked me if Hannabis could host my Hemp based meal plans and recipe books to sell on their website, I was honoured and of course said yes. I met Hannah, at the beginning of this year, via another CBD affiliate company, before Hannabis became what it is today. I am so grateful for this opportunity Hannah and Nicole, so thank you so much.

So, I guess I better tell you more about myself and what I do, and a bit of info about my Hemp based meal plans and recipe book, hosted by Hannabis. I created these recipe books and meal plans, as Hemp has become a massive part of my life over the last few years, I eat Hemp in some form every day, whether it’s Hemp Protein, Hemp Seeds, Hemp Oil or Hemp Milk and of course my daily dose of CBD and I lost 9 stone in weight, over the course of about 18 months and have maintained that loss for over 3 years now, I believe Hemp and CBD has played a considerable part in both my weight loss and maintaining. So now I wanna share its awesomeness with you all.

Hemp and CBD are my life’s passion, I literally live, eat and sleep, everything Hemp and CBD. It has literally changed my life and many others too.


Read more of my story here! (link to past blog post – Hemp & CBD Love)

I’m Jem and I run Flawsome Jem. I am a CBD Health Coach, I Help You Look and Feel Healthier, via High Quality CBD Products, my own Hemp based Meal Plans and Recipe Books, 90 Day Journal and Group Support. Start Living the Life YOU Deserve!

I have diplomas in Nutrition, Sports and Exercise Nutrition, Body Transformation (Personal Training), Yoga, Meditation, Medicinal Cannabis and CBD Oil and CBD Oil for Animals. So, lots of ways to support you with my own personal experiences and knowledge.

Let me now tell you a bit more about my Hemp based Meal Plans:


I currently have 2 options for my Meal Plans:

7 Days
14 Days
All include:
– Full Plan,
– Recipes,
– Shopping List(s),
– Food Swaps,
– Blank Planners,
– Nutrition and Success Guide,
– and more….

Sharing some client love about my Meal Plans:


‘I lost 4lbs so very happy and have felt more alert so all good.’
Lynne. Teacher, Busy Mum and Grandmother. UK. (7 Day Meal Plan Feedback)

‘It’s great having all the thinking done for me-thank you so much for creating such a fab meal plan.’
Megan. Teacher and Busy Mum. UK. (Meal Plans and Recipe Book Feedback)

‘It’s all going well, thank you! Enjoying the fact that my husband is on board and able to follow the recipes (he’s not the best cook, love him) Chilli last night was delish…’
Meg. Teacher. UK. (7 Day Meal Plan Feedback)

‘Loving the trail mix. I’m also loving the fact that I have all these yummy recipes that I haven’t had to think up.’
Liz, UK. (7 Day Meal Plan Feedback)

And my Hemp and CBD based Recipe Books:


I now have 4 recipe book options:
Flawsome Healthy Recipes and Success Guide
Flawsome Healthy Snacks
Flawsome Hemp Recipes
Flawsome CBD Hemp Recipes, What is CBD and How to Cook with CBD

All my recipe books and meal plans are hemp food based, as I love and live off hemp and I consider it to be a highly nutritious superfood. I have hemp in some form every day.

All my Recipe Books, Meal Plans and Journal, as well as my Branded merch and a large range of high quality, lab tested CBD Products, are available via my Hannabis link. (add link ) thank you.


Find out more about the benefits of eating hemp here – Hemp, What & Why?

All my recipes are:
• Easy to Follow Recipes
• Hemp food based (Hemp Seeds, Oil and Protein)
• No hard to find ingredients
• Family Friendly
• Eat Whole Real Foods
• Gluten Free
• Dairy Free
• Colourful and Yummy Meals
• All created by Flawsome Jem
• All tried and tested by my ‘Forever Flawsome’
Flawsome Healthy Recipes and Success Guide, includes:
• Drinks
• Breakfasts
• Green Smoothies
• Snacks
• Main Meals
• Healthy Carbs and Sides.

I have recently updated my recipe book to include:
• my nutrition advice,
• shopping lists,
• food swaps,
• self care advice and ideas,
• affirmations and gratitude’s,
• my top tips
• blank planners and journal pages to help you succeed.
Flawsome CBD Hemp Recipes and What is CBD, How to Cook with CBD:
A selection of Flawsome Jem’s own Hemp based Recipes infused with CBD.
Learn more about CBD, how to cook with CBD and the best products to use.
Also includes:
• Selfcare Tips and Ideas,
• Blank planners and journal to help you succeed even more.
Only £10!


Flawsome Hemp Recipes:


As I love and believe in the health benefits of hemp so much. I use hemp so much, in lots of my recipes, so I thought I’d create a recipe book of just hemp based recipes.  All are quick and easy and family friendly.

Also includes:
• my self care and affirmation pages,
• meal and workout planners
• and my journal page to help you get some plans in place and help you succeed even
All this for only £5!


Flawsome Healthy Snacks Recipe Book:


A selection of my favourite hemp based healthy snacks. Also includes:
self care and affirmation ideas, my blank planners and journal pages and more to help you succeed on your healthy journey.
All this for only £5!

Sharing some client love about my Recipe Books:

‘I lost 4lbs so very happy and have felt more alert so all good.’
Lynne. Teacher, Busy Mum and Grandmother. UK. (Recipe Book Feedback)

‘It’s great having all the thinking done for me-thank you so much for creating such a fab meal plan.’
Megan. Teacher and Busy Mum. UK. (Recipe Book Feedback)

‘It’s all going well, thank you! Enjoying the fact that my husband is on board and able to follow the recipes (he’s not the best cook, love him) Chilli last night was delish…’
Meg. Teacher. UK. (Recipe Book Feedback)

My own 90 Day Journal ’90 Days to a More Flawsome You!’:
Now available as a downloadable version, it comes via email as a downloadable 139 page pdf, so you can save and print for yourself at home, so no waiting for it to arrive by post.

’90 Days to a More Flawsome You!’
is a downloadable 139 page, pdf 90 day journal.


– daily journal entries,
– weekly reflection,
– blank food and workout planners,
-measurement trackers,
– motivational quotes,
– questions and exercises to work on yourself,
– my top tips to help you succeed
– and much more…

To help you look and feel healthier and get the most out of every day.
Find Your Inner Flawsomeness!
If you like what you see…
It’s Only £7!

I’ve still got a few copies left of my printed journal for only £10 and £2 P+P, drop me an email: to purchase your own printed copy. Once they are gone, they are gone! 

I hope you have enjoyed reading today, sorry it was a long one, couldn’t help myself, had so much to say, I hope you have learnt more about myself, Flawsome Jem, what I do and my Hemp based Products, that Hannabis Host. You can buy all of my recipe books, meal plans and journal I have talked about via the Hannabis website and my link here (add link: thank you.

If you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email: and I will be more than happy to help. Feel free to check me out and more of what I do:

You’re Flawsome!
Lots of love,
Jem xoxo

I am not a dietician or a doctor.
The ideas suggested here, are intended to be used for educational purposes only based on my own personal experiences. ‘The author ‘Jemma Stevens’ ‘Flawsome Jem’, is not rendering medical advice, nor to diagnose, prescribe or treat, any disease, condition, injury or illness.
It is imperative before beginning any exercise or nutrition programme, that you receive full medical clearance from your GP (doctor/physician).
Flawsome Jem and Jemma Stevens, claim no responsibility for any person or entity, for any liability, loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused as a result of the use, application or interpretation of the materials presented here.
Please understand there are some links, that I may benefit from financially.
No part of this publication, shall be reproduced, transmitted or sold, in whole, or in part, in any for, without prior written consent from the author.
All trademarks and registered trademarks appearing, are the property of their respective owners.
Flawsome Jem does not make any medical claims regarding CBD. All of my content is purely for educational purposes and for sharing my own personal experiences with you all.
CBD is neither a medicine nor a cure for any illness and by no means do we make any medical claims. CBD can help to maintain and support your health and a healthy lifestyle.

Hitting The Streets!

If you’ve been following us for awhile, you’ll know that we have been successfully running an online shop for the last few months, it been really exciting to watch it grow and and be constantly finding new way to expand. Not just for us, but for our affiliates too.

Now we’re ready to take Hannabis to the next level…but HOW?
We want to see our queen on high street shop shelves, whether it’s small independent shops or large chain stores, we want Hannabis EVERYWHERE!

It’s always been our dream to turn Hannabis into a household name. To walk into your local store and shop our ever expanding range of Hannabis products. Listening to a podcast recently I heard that it takes around 9 years to become a household name, sounds pretty daunting doesn’t it! Yeah. For us aswell! But we really believe that Hannabis could be a household name…

We know we are unlike any other CBD company and we’re blazing our own trail right to the top. Like most online store we have the traditional line of CBD products, but we also have boutique handmade products that are completely unique to Hannabis.

We know our Queen allows us to stand out from the crowd and there’s nothing more exciting than to see her lined up along a shelf!

Not only that, but we also focus on empowerment, confidence. We support our affiliates in creating their own products which we would be proud to see added to our wholesale price lists.

Are you a shop looking to stock CBD products? Drop us an email. We’d love to work with you!


Hannah & Nicole 


Things to do on a Sunday

 1. Shift your mindset

Don’t waste your Sunday having a ‘lazy day’ binge watching your favourite programme. 

Use Sunday as the start of your week. 


Take the pressure off of Monday, get a head start on the week & get yourself prepped for what lies ahead.

2. Meal prep/plan

Save yourself time on everyday of the next week by either prepping your meals for the week ahead or at least planning your meals so you’re not spending time each day looking through your cupboards or fridge-freezer wondering what you can whip together. 

You’ll also save money & be less wasteful by doing this! 


3. Plan your week ahead. 

Plan EVERYTHING! Get out your favourite planner & get your todo lists in order. We have some free downloadable planners available from our shop.
Free Downloads

Try to plan your week as much as you can using hour slots & write specifically what you are planning to do, so if you’re planning to schedule some posts on Facebook, what type of posts are you going to schedule etc…?

The more you can plan, the more smoothly your week will run as you will know exactly what you’re doing & when.


4. Prioritise 

Sometimes your todo list can feel endless, so it is VERY important to prioritise, this way you can tick off your most important tasks before moving onto the less important ones. 

Stick to just one list, don’t over complicate it.


5. Inboxes

 Get on top of all of those inboxes & start your week completely fresh.

6. Set goals

Reflect on how the last week went, then think about how you would like to change the week ahead. 

Then set yourself out some goals to get those results that you want. 

Also think about your bigger goals too & think about the steps you can take to start working towards them, our large goals should always be broken down into smaller goals so they seem more achievable to us as we work up to the big goal by smashing all of the smaller ones.



7. Practice self-care

Always make time for self-care on Sunday, have a warm bath, meditate, have a pamper session, do some reading, take a long walk, go out with a loved one. 

Whatever self-care is for you, DO IT!


8. Clean your space

Whether your space is an entire house, a room or just a desk, make sure it is clean & tidy, you will feel so much better starting a the week with a clean space. 

It will make you happier & more productive if your space is clutter free. 

A clean space = A clean mind


9. Relax

Make sure you also take some time to do nothing as well, remember it is still a day of rest so make sure you schedule yourself in some down time too!

Thank-you for reading 🙂




The Rock

Even when you are the rock of the relationship, the one holding everything together, it is okay not to be okay. 
We’ve had a few tough times recently & everything all became a bit too much for me to handle, I didn’t know if I was coming or going most days, but I felt like I had no right to not be okay but it wasn’t really me going through the tough times, just having to watch someone else go through them.
But I’ve learnt the hard way, as per usual… that it is okay to not be okay, even when you are the one holding everything together, trying to be the strong one & power through.
Everyone has a breaking point, even the most strong confident people in the world, everyone needs some time out sometime & that is completely natural. 
It’s not natural to be okay with everything all of the time, that just isn’t human nature & we are only human so we can only do what human nature intends.

The thing you need to remember is the universe has got your back, even though it doesn’t seem like there is an end in sight it is coming, it is on it’s way, you just need to listen quietly & let the universe show you how to get there.
Act on your instincts because they are your instincts for a reason.
This morning I posted a message in a Mindset programme I am part of, explaining the situation & how I just felt like my mindset was shattered & I was emotionally shattered, by doing this I ended up speaking to someone that had been through something similar & managed to pick up some amazing tips to help in the future, not just to help me but to help my family.
But if I hadn’t of acted on my instincts then I would never of got chatting to that wonderful lady & I wouldn’t of learnt the things I have today which could quite possible change our future & help us finally get to the end of this rocky road.
Remember that no one’s life is perfect, people will only show you what they want to show you, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.