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We know Hannabis wouldn’t be where it is today without our incredible #hannafam. Our affiliates have always been and will always remain the main focus of our business as we continue to help as many people as possible.

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The Founder

Hannah is the social media & CBD guru! What she doesn’t know she’ll learn, find out and master. She is an original thinker, with the ability to add, develop and even create and trial her own ideas as well as being equipped with the knowledge of tactics that have stood the test of time!

She is committed, hard grafting and an all round fire of happiness. She will keep you motivated and will support you through anything and everything in the real and social media world! Hannah is a free spirited, hippie mum of 2 littlens who also smashes her own business that she runs from home. She is committed and dedicated, she says she’ll love a day off but as soon as the business is done and the kids are in bed she misses the madness; which is usually when the new ideas and plans get going!

Hannah has the determination to make something from nothing, growing up all she was told was she ‘wouldn’t amount to anything’ by teachers or that her life choices and opinions were ‘wrong’ by family. She was a black sheep who now brings so much colour into the lives of the family she created and the friends that she stands by. 

Award Winning

We were SOOO excited to be annouced the best CBD retailer of the year by Global Health & Pharma a global information sharing platform & a multi-disciplinary members community. Established to enhance communication networks & collaboration across all themes and disciplines within 3 main categories; Human, Animal & Environmental Health. 

We are always looking for more opportunities to enhance reputation of Hannabis and can’t wait to see what other awards we might collect in the future.

Align Your Chakras

Earn points for completing business building tasks. We make starting and growing your own business fun, meaningful and memorable as you climb the business ladder you’ll spend your points and receive charms to fill your Hannabis charm bracelet. Work your way to the top and you’ll be crowned (literally) a Hannabis Queen.

On top of that we’ll suggest daily tasks you can carry out to help build the reputation of your own brand and build your customer base. Whatever we do to enhance our business we share #Hannafam to help lift them as well. 

We dropship straight to your customers

No Fuss Comp Plan

We’ve created a comp plan for everyone, whether your an absolute boss at selling or you’d rather build a team there’s a chance to earn no matter your strengths. If you don’t feel like you have any skills, then we have your back. We have an incredible amount of training available from the very basics to growing your already established business. We all have skills in different areas and love sharing our knowledge to lift others up.

We Think Of The Environment

Wherever possible we use sustainably sourced ingredients in our products, especially in our handmade items. In addition to that we ship all of our products in eco-friendly packaging and donate £1 of all items sold over £10 to planting tree’s in Peru. Click the link to find out more.

What do the affiliates say?

Having used CBD personally for pain for the last two years, I wanted to find a way to add CBD products into my natural skincare business. I researched several companies and spoke to a lot of people but what stood out for me with Hannabis was the passion and dedication around educating people when it came to CBD and even THC. Hannah and Nicole are all about education first! There's no pushiness or pressure when it comes to making sales, and the support from the whole team is the best I've seen. I've been been part of several network marketing companies over the last decade and Hannabis is hands down the best for me.
Steph Eaton
Regional Manager for Cheshire
I don't even know where too start off tbh! I honestly love working with Hannabis, it's not just a company it feels as if I'm a part of a growing family, everyone is so helpful & supportive, I've not been stuck on anything, as soon as you need help, you guys are always there! The reason I joined Hannabis is because I strongly believe in the healing effects that CBD has on your bodies, and it's an uplifting feeling being able to help & heal those that have lost faith in practiced medicine, not only are the product amazing, it's also very educational for someone like myself who is still learning the healing patterns that CBD can impact on, honestly have never been happier working along side anyone as I have with you guys, as it's not a strict process so if you do have a bad head day there no pressure you can just pick it back up once you feel yourself again, and that's the best part, just knowing that none of you are going to give up of us affiliates as you want us to grow as individuals and as a company, absolutely blessed that I've had the opportunity to work along side you all.
Chelsea East
Hannabis Affiliate
I first joined back in February 2020, I was welcomed with open arms and although predominantly a female company was made to feel very welcome and part of the family straight away. At hannabis every one is made to feel welcome no matter what your knowledge of CBD is, we are an ethical company and are CTA (Cannabis trade association) compliant. We have a great team of people who will always assist you in any way you require. I realised I had nothing to lose and I don’t trust any other company the way I trust Hannabis.
Chris Williams
Regional Manager for Manchester
  • Free To Join.

  • Get Your Own Personal Website.

  • All orders are dropshipped.

  • No targets, minimums or limits.

  • We plant trees for any items over £10.

  • Get paid within 24 hours of making a sale.

  • Get 20% on all personal sales and an addition 10% on team sales.

  • Free To Join.

  • Get Your Own Personal Website.

  • All orders are dropshipped.

  • No targets, minimums or limits.

  • We plant trees for any items over £10.

  • Get paid within 24 hours of making a sale.

  • Get 20% on all personal sales and an

    addition 10% on team sales.

Affiliate Signup FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Sadly no, CBD has an age restriction of 18+ therefore we cannot sell to or partner with anyone under the age of 18.

Hannabis is absolutley free to join! We know how hard it can be to start something when your already skint, join Hannabis for free today and get paid within 24 hours with no minimum withdraw limit.

We have an extensive amout of training available that we are constantly expanding on. You do not need any previous experience to be an affiliate. 

With Hannabis you have the option to create your own starter kit. We offer every new affiliate the chance to purchase any of our Hannabis branded products at a severely reduced price. We only allow you to make up to two starter kit orders, we know that life is full of peaks and troffs so we welcome you to use your two orders at any time while you are affiliated with Hannabis.

We also offer you 5% off your first order with Hannabis (this can not be used in conjunction with the starter kit prices.)

You can earn up to 20% of all sales made on the website made via your own affiliate link, an additional 5% on your direct team members and an additional 2.5% on a further 2 levels down. There is no cap on how much you can earn. We really believe that the sky is limit.

You’ll recieve your payment within 24 hours of make a sale. This will usualy be paid in the evening because we run a manual system to allow for the speed.

We're happy to answer your questions


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